“The Best Road Bike In The World”

One Bike to Rule Them All

“The engineering obsessed Germans at Tour Magazine declared the Tarmac SL8 “The Best Road Bike In The World”. Reaching the previously unimaginable rating of “1.3”* – the highest Tour score ever – Tarmac SL8 beats every competitor. Or, as these serious, data driven journalist put it, “No other racing bike functions better as a complete package” – 

“Making one of the already best racing bikes in the world even better: That was the challenge faced by Specialized and their chief engineer, Peter Denk. And they stayed true to their philosophy. The SL8 remains, among competition all-rounders, the bike that shows no weaknesses in its exclusive S-Works version. Already during the first test ride on the sidelines of the World Championships in Glasgow, this bike hinted at its potential. The measurements from TOUR’s lab and GST-Wind Tunnel confirmed this riding experience. The bike impresses above all with the perfect interplay of its characteristics.”

"The Best Road Bike in The World"

“With its low weight of 6550 grams, the Tarmac accelerates like a bullet and effortlessly sprints up climbs. The exceptionally rigid frame set and the sporty, stretched riding position emphasize the character of this thoroughbred racer. Unlike our test bike in Glasgow, which was equipped with a 3D-printed saddle, the reviewed version comes with a conventional carbon saddle, which is slightly less comfortable. Overall, the SL8 provides a high level of comfort for a competition bike.” – Tour Magazine

You can read the full review from Tour Magazine here.

Browse Specialized Tarmac SL8 here at Cycle 360.

"The Best Road Bike In The World"

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