Saris MP1 Infinity Platform


The MP1 Nfinity Trainer Platform doesn’t just work with Saris turbo trainers but can be used with most models on the market thanks to its design.

It aims to make indoor training more enjoyable, more realistic and more beneficial by allowing the bike to move left, right, forwards and backwards.

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The Saris MP1 Nfinity has 6 degrees of angle and 23.5cm (9.5”) of fore and aft travel to recreate how the bike moves under a rider. This movement helps alleviate pressure points that can occur on a static bike, and also requires the recruitment of micro-muscles for balance like in the real world so provides a better workout too. The platform can be used with most brands and models of turbo trainer as it has a number of straps and slots to hold various units.


  • Technology: Saris Nfinity
  • Maximum fore-aft travel: 9.5″
  • Maximum side-to-side angle: 6 degrees
  • Compatible with all major brands and models of bike trainers
  • Materials: Steel, aluminium and birch
  • Weight: 62lb
  • Dimensions: 15cm tall x 160cm long x 90cm wide / 6″ tall x 63″ long x 35.5″ wide
  • Fully assembled in the box
  • Grip tape strategically placed to assist in walking on the trainer platform
  • Tested to the combined weight (rider, bike and trainer) of 350lb
  • Built-in front wheel block for road and MTB
  • Turbo trainer available separately