Pact Coffee | Gran Fondo Espresso 1kg


Coffee and cycling – the perfect match. Order your 1kg whole bean bag of Gran Fondo coffee from our online shop and collect in store.


Coffee and cycling – the perfect match

Coffee and cycling, they go hand in hand, which is why Gran Fondo partnered with champion cyclist, Geraint Thomas, to create the perfect blend: The Gran Fondo ride.

After multiple tasting masterclasses, Geraint handpicked two coffees with citrussy, berry flavours from nations with a strong cycling culture. He then opted for a dark, Italian-style roast that packs the punch every cyclist loves.

This Rwandan and Colombian blend has dark chocolate notes and is packed full of citrussy, berry flavours and has bright acidities to match. It tastes delicious as a classic Italian cappuccino which you can make in the included Pact coffee cup. Whether you’re a cycling aficionado or simply enjoy Italian-style coffee as much as Geraint, you’ll adore this sweet and punchy blend.

Available for order online, you can collect your Gran Fondo Espresso 1kg bag and treat it as the perfect, unique gift for the coffee loving cyclist in your life, or why not treat yourself?!

Order your 1kg whole bean bag from our online shop and collect in store.

Roast date: 11th March 2021.

Cycling and Coffee

Coffee is synonymous with cycling culture. This is true for Welsh legend and cycling champ, Geraint Thomas who got into coffee properly when he moved to Italy. Speaking about his love for a cup of Joe, G said “It’s part of my daily routine and a constant feature- I’ve even got a Rocket Machine for better coffee at home. I love dark roasts and traditional Italian-style strong tastes. When I’m racing, I’ll have 3 or 4 to get going. Whether I’m breaking for a Piadini in the Italian hills or scanning the race book while chugging an espresso, I’ve got a lot of time for coffee done well.”

In countries such as Rwanda and Colombia where we source Gran Fondo beans from, bicycles are a vital lifeline. Cycling as a sport is alive and kicking, but bicycles are also one of the main modes of transport for people who work and live in these respective countries. From Remera Washing Station in Rwanda to Buenos Aires Farm in Colombia, we’ve built a strong relationship with these exceptional coffee growers and hope that some of the money invested into these local economies will be used to keep the wheels turning on cycle culture.