Winter cycling offers a unique adventure, so get your bike winter ready with Cycle 360.  Winter in the Isle of Man and the UK presents challenges that require proper preparation.  As your local bike shop and online resource, our expert team are here to guide you through the essential steps to getting your bike winter ready.

Lights: Shining bright in the winter darkness

As winter days grow shorter, visibility becomes a significant concern.  Proper lighting is crucial for both your safety and the safety of others on the road and in the plantations too.

There are two main types of lights: front and rear.  When selecting lights, consider the following features:

  • Brightness: Choose lights with adequate lumens for clear visibility in low-light conditions.
  • Battery Life: Opt for lights with long battery life or rechargeable options.
  • Flashing Modes: Many lights offer various flashing modes to enhance visibility.

Mudguards: Shielding you from winter’s wrath

In the colder months, wet and slushy roads are common.  Mudguards play a vital role in protecting you and your bike from the spray of water, dirt, and debris.  They also keep your bottom dry and the person’s face following you, dry!

When choosing mudguards, consider the following factors:

Type: Full mudguards offer maximum protection, while clip-on mudguards are versatile and suitable for most bike styles.
Size: Ensure the mudguards match your tyre size for optimal coverage.
Material: Look for durable materials such as plastic or aluminium to withstand winter conditions.

Our expert mechanics can help fit your mudguard on to your bike.

Top tip! Remember to regularly inspect and clean it to prevent clogs.

Cycle 360: Your winter cycling partner

We’re more than just your local bikeshop, we’re your adventure partners and love assisting everyone and anyone when it comes to getting you to enjoy the freedom of two wheels.

When you choose us for your winter cycling needs, you benefit from:

  • Expert advice: Our knowledgeable team can recommend the perfect accessories for you, your bike and your budget.
  • Professional installation: Don’t worry about installation; our mechanics will ensure everything is securely fitted.
  • Quality accessories: Explore our selection of winter cycling gear, from warm clothing to winter tyres.

Winter cycling is a rewarding pursuit, and with the right preparations, you can fully enjoy its beauty and challenges.

Visit Cycle 360 to equip your bike with top-quality mudguards and lights this winter, chat to us about where to ride, when to ride and what to ride.  Let us be your trusted partner in making your winter cycling adventures safe and memorable!

Shop all lights and mudguards via our online shop, or visit us seven days a week.

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