Gas Gas and Husqvarna are the latest two brands to be added to the world-class brand lineup at Cycle 360’s bikeshop, and we couldn’t be more pumped about it!

Why We’re Stoked About Gas Gas and Husqvarna

Both Gas Gas and Husqvarna have a legendary background in the moto world, and now they’re smashing it in the ebike scene.

These brands are not just riding the wave; they’re making waves, big time. Backed by renowned PIERER Mobility AG (the same team behind KTM and MV Augusta), we’re seeing these brands go from strength to strength and believe they’ll be top of the market in no time. Cycle 360 is totally amped to be part of this journey with Gas Gas and Husqvarna!

The Story Behind the Partnership

So, here’s the lowdown. Over a year ago, our bikeshop owner’s industry-friend Ash saw something special in this partnership. After loads of team calls and visits, we’re stoked to finally welcome Gas Gas and Husqvarna to our shop and to the Isle of Man.  Our friend knew it was important that we show off these two brands in the best light, with top-notch sales knowledge and killer after-sales support. And that’s us!

What Bikes Do We Have in Stock?

Even though they’re new to the e-bike game, both Gas Gas and Husqvarna have dropped some seriously impressive models.

We’ve handpicked bikes that blend seamlessly with our other top-tier brands. Gas Gas is tearing up the higher-end market with their trail-focused MX and ECC models.

Meanwhile, Husqvarna is all about affordability with their Hard Cross and Mountain Cross models.

All these awesome rides are ready for you to check out and take for a spin in our shop now. If we don’t have the exact model or size you’re looking for, don’t sweat it. Both brands have solid inventory levels, so we can hook you up with the perfect bike in no time.

Swing by Cycle 360 this coming Saturday to hear more about the brands and see the bikes themselves. We’re open from 9am but we’ll be running a mini “launch event” from 10am.  See you there!

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